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The citizens of ToiletPaperWorld love their toilet paper. They are hands on experts. They know the difference and want to share their knowledge. All the items in the bathroom are special to us; it’s a special place to go. Our mission is to help you ‘enjoy your visit to that place you go so often’ Remember us every day.

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“Civilization and sanitation run hand in hand. The quality of one is measured by the quality of the other.” People in the U.S. demand the best.  Toilet Paper, Toilet Tissue and Bath Tissue are different names for the same product. Here is my take on one of the most important advancements in modern history.

Kenn Fischburg,
SupplyTime Owner

Wow! Toilet Paper is so interesting
Buying toilet paper can involve many decisions that can be overwhelming. There can be a different number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper. The size of a sheet of toilet paper varies between brands. There is two-ply and one-ply toilet paper. One brand of toilet paper is thick while another brand is thinner. And the price! Most people have a preference. Mine is the one that is most comfortable. "It’s like fine wine, there are many selections and many are excellent.”

What did people use before toilet Paper? 
The Romans used rose pedals, Scots used sheep fur, sailors used the knotted end of a line, Indians used moss and leaves, early Americans used corn cobs, and then came pages from the Sears catalog and The Old Farmer’s Almanac which hung in the outhouse (note the hole in the corner of the catalog), Chinese used paper first made in 1353, ocean water.

Which brand is best?
Most people have a brand preference while others have a two-ply vs one-ply toilet paper preference. Others say “get me the cheapest” and others say “I don’t care as long as it works”. Some are folders and some are clumpers. For me, I believe this is a place to be happy, use the best.  Quilted Northern has a new three-ply Ultra paper. Wow it’s really thick and soft. Almost like a cotton towel. Charmin Ultra Soft is beautiful; soft and strong and with less lint. The Kimberly-Clark Cottonelle two-ply toilet paper is great paper. It’s very absorbent, soft and strong yet not as thick and bulky. And of course Scott toilet paper makes a perfect two ply and a great one ply. I’m an Ultra guy.

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Know your dispenser
First, what dispenser do you have? Toilet paper goes on a dispenser that might be different for your home and business. The regular standard toilet paper fits all regular household dispensers: fewer than 500 sheets of two ply. Check your dispenser to see if it requires a specific brand or accommodates a longer length.

Free Dispensers for businesses
ToiletPaperWorld offers the most advanced styles of Kimberly-Clark, Georgia-Pacific and other industrial dispensers at no charge with a lease agreement. Contact us for details.

What makes toilet paper better?
Different brands of toilet paper have a different performance. At ToiletPaperWorld we judge toilet paper by how well it absorbs liquid, how comfortable it is on your skin and the wet strength which eliminates breaking just at the wrong time.

Toilet paper on rolls was created for sale at the end of the 1800’s by the Scott brothers in Philadelphia. First, toilet paper was created as a cut sheet and sold by a pharmacist in New Jersey, Joseph Gayette, as hemorrhoid relief. He coated the paper with soothing aloe. The Scott brothers sold the toilet paper to fine hotels and private labeled the packaging for the Waldorf Hotel and others. In the 1950’s two-ply toilet paper was created. For more info: go to  Toilet Paper encyclopedia

What is toilet paper used for?
Toilet paper is used for many purposes from personal cleansing to packaging. Besides the obvious bathroom application toilet paper is used by ladies for eye care and makeup removers. In some cases toilet paper is used as a soft and clean packaging product. Also, toilet paper is used as a fine-quality cleaning wiper.

What is toilet paper made of?
Toilet paper is made from virgin wood fibers or from a combination of recycled paper pulp mixed in water with chemical sulfates to help it break down, starches that create wet strength and chemicals to make it white.

The Sheet size
The size of the sheet on perforated toilet paper varies from one brand to another. Why? To make money. Originally, the size of 4.5”x4.5” was the standard. That size was just right for a sanitary and safe application. In the 1980’s, the “cheater sheet” was created to fool you into thinking you are saving money because the roll of toilet paper is cheaper, you aren’t. 

One ply versus two ply versus Ultra
Two ply is simply two “one ply” sheets attached. This can be a very confusing marketing message. Originally, toilet paper was a one-ply sheet of paper rolled up on a cardboard core. In the 1950’s a manufacturer created a method to roll and attach one-ply paper together to make a thicker “two ply”. Recently, manufacturers have created “thicker” toilet paper with a new “air blown” process. This new “Ultra” type toilet paper is not really two plies that you can separate but rather a nice thick toilet paper. What is confusing is that the marketing message calls this new “thick” toilet paper two ply indicating it’s thick but it is not really two single sheets (plies) that are attached. That’s the inside scoop.

Which toilet paper is most economical?
A good one ply like Scott is generally the most economical as it has twice the number of sheets on a roll. The answer is based on how much you use to do the job. The new Ultra paper is very absorbent and people use less. My answer is “get the best, you will use less and be happier”.  You only spend about $30/year for toilet paper per person. Don’t skimp.

Clogging pipes with toilet paper
All modern toilet paper is made to break down fast after it hits the water. The new technology Ultra thick two and three-ply toilet paper is great and breaks up just fine in the septic system but if the person uses too much and lets it sit a while lingering on the toilet and doesn’t bother to flush there is a higher risk of clogging the toilet. So, flush if you’re going to hang out for a while. Teach the kids to flush and don’t use so much!

Long length toilet paper rolls
Toilet paper is packaged onto long length rolls for high use bathrooms, mostly for public business areas. The main purpose is to “not run out”. Janitors can reduce the number of times they have to visit the stall to replace a new roll. This toilet paper quality is “business” quality. It’s not the Ultra household brands. Look for the good quality otherwise people get mad and roll out 4 feet of the thin stuff.

Coreless toilet paperThis is a recent advancement. Toilet paper that is rolled up but has no cardboard core is “coreless”. This eliminates the cardboard core being dropped on the floor or flushed down the toilet. It saves maintenance time and eliminates clogging toilets. It requires a special “coreless” dispenser from the specific manufacturer. It is a neat advancement. Kimberly-Clark and Scott make an excellent quality.

“Get the best and forget the rest”
Toilet paper is a great and inexpensive product that can make your day a little bit better. You use about a roll a week; 52/year. The difference between the most expensive and least is less than 30 cents/roll. That means for less than $20/year you can “get the best and forget the rest.”


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