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Cleaning Products & Odor Control

Wipe, clean, shine and refresh every workspace and restroom with cleaning products and odor neutralizers from trusted brands like GOJO, Febreze, Swiffer, Clorox, Lysol and more.

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Whether you want your business to be clean, or cleaning is your business, you need affordable, effective and efficient supplies, products and equipment. and Cleaning Products World have a huge selection of everything you need to keep your home or office sparkling clean!  Our Product Experts have researched every product so that you have all of the information you need to do the job fast and do the job right!      

All Purpose Cleaners -  Here you will find cleaning products that are concentrates, foam, degreasers, powders, cream cleansers, lime and rust removers, mildew removers and more.

SupplyTime - PineSol     SupplyTime - Mr Clean      SupplyTime - Ajax Multi-Purpose Cleaner      SupplyTime - Comet Powder Cleanser      SupplyTime - Drano      SupplyTime - Easy Off      CLR® PRO

And eco-friendly!      SupplyTime Simple Green Supplies        SupplyTime - Clorox Green Works      SupplyTime-Method-Logo       SupplyTime Seventh Generation Logo

Disinfectant Cleaners & Sprays- Germs don’t stand a chance against the wide selection of disinfectant cleaners and sprays available.  You will find Bleach and bleach free disinfectants and Disinfectant sprays.

SupplyTime Lysol Cleaning Supplies        SupplyTime - Clorox        SupplyTime - Fantastik        SupplyTime - Formula 409

And eco-friendly!     SupplyTime Simple Green Supplies      SupplyTime - Clorox Green Works      SupplyTime-Method-Logo      SupplyTime Seventh Generation Logo

Dishwashing- A huge selection of hand dishwashing and automatic dishwashing products that will make your dishes and glassware sparkle. 

SupplyTime - Dawn Dish Soap        SupplyTime - Ajax Multi-Purpose Cleaner         SupplyTime - Palmolive Dish Soap         SupplyTime - Cascade Dishwashing Detergent        SupplyTime - Finish Dishwashing Detergents

And eco-friendly!      SupplyTime-Method-Logo           SupplyTime Seventh Generation Logo

 Glass, Metal & Wood-Ammonia and ammonia free glass cleaners that will make your windows the envy of the neighborhood. Here are metal cleaners and polishers that won’t damage the surfaces. Also, we offer wood cleaners and polishes that will preserve the luster of floors, furniture and cabinets. 

SupplyTime - Pledge            SupplyTime - Brasso            SupplyTime - Windex          Misty®

And eco-friendly!       SupplyTime Simple Green Supplies          SupplyTime - Clorox Green Works          SupplyTime Seventh Generation Logo

 Electronic & Computer CleanersProtect your electronic investments with cleaning products that are designed especially to take care of them

3M          Endust® for Electronics          Read Right®          Dust-Off®          Windex®

 Sponges & Scouring Pads-Once you have selected a concentrated or ready to use cleaner don’t forget to get cellulose sponges, stainless steel and scouring pads. 

3M          SupplyTime - Mr Clean          3M O-Cel-O          Scotch-Brite™          SupplyTime - Brillo Soap Pads          SupplyTime - S.O.S

 Laundry -Choose from laundry detergents formulated for High Efficiency (HE) and standard washing machines.  Stain removers, fabric softeners and bleach will keep your clothes looking like new. 

Downy Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets      SupplyTime - Tide Laundry Detergent      SupplyTime - Ajax Multi-Purpose Cleaner      Arm & Hammer®      All®      Snuggle®      Purex®

And eco-friendly!      SupplyTime-Method-Logo          SupplyTime Seventh Generation Logo

 Floor Care - Clean floors are one of the first things that visitors will notice.  Carpets will stay plush and new looking longer with carpet cleaners, stain removers and deodorizers

 ANd9GcRytdRzEifzDexf7bBKCJ3O9Ir4_DFwrRwoepzqJKrsNAsayVbCJsoGLrE      Franklin Cleaning Technology®        Spic and Span®      Misty®      Floor Science®      MOP & GLO®      Arm & Hammer®      Febreze®

Waste Receptacles- Trash cans are; indoor, outdoor, recycling, ashtray/trash combo.  Step on cans are for areas where touching the can is undesirable; healthcare, bathrooms and kitchens

Rubbermaid® Commercial               Safco®              Ex-Cell

 Trash Garbage Bags-  There is more to buying the best trash can liner than just choosing the gallon size you need.  High & Low Density, Recycled, Healthcare, Hexene or Drawstring – each have different features to consider.  Go To:  SupplyTime’s exclusive Can Liners Guide.

Hefty®            Jaguar Plastics®            Boardwalk®            Glad®          Heritage

And eco-friendly!          Earthsense® Commercial               Stout®

 Floor Machines & Pads-  You’ll find Rotary Floor Machines and rotary pads to handle anything from stripping to buffing so your bare floors will shine.  Carpet Extractors will keep even the most heavy traffic rugs looking like new.  Air blowers will dry floors fast minimizing down time for your office. 

Electrolux                Mercury Floor Machines               3M              Premiere Pads


Vacuums -For stairs or smaller carpets you will find a huge selection of stick vacs and canister vacuums.  If you have large carpeted areas you can choose from a number of upright vacuums that feature HEPA filtration, reusable or disposable bags or bag free dirt/dust cups.

Electrolux               Eureka®               Rubbermaid® Commercial

Brooms & Brushes- We have brooms that can handle any surface.  From toilets and grout to decks and RV’s you will find brushes for scrubbing, cleaning or whisking up any size mess. 

Magnolia Brush      Boardwalk®      Rubbermaid® Commercial      UNISAN      Anchor Brand®      O-Cedar® Commercial

Mops & Buckets- We have wet mops, finish mops, squeegees and dust mops that can take on any job.  Microfiber mops, sponge mops and wet/dry mopping systems are great for smaller floors.  Plus,   buckets and pails in a variety of styles including built in wringers.

Swiffer®            Rubbermaid® Commercial            UNISAN            Unger®

Facility Cleaning & Equipment- Everything you need to keep your facility professional looking inside and out.  Stock up on insecticides, carts and caddies, graffiti & paint remover and litter pickers to guarantee your grounds are pristine as well as sorbents, ice melt & shovels. 

Combat®            SupplyTime - Armor All            Raid®            SupplyTime Simple Green Supplies

 Personally Speaking

I like products that work on multiple surfaces or tasks so that I can get all of my chores done quickly.  I also like products that smell as good as they work.  My favorite cleaning products are Lysol, Pine-Sol, Palmolive and Swiffer because they help me get my cleaning done fast so my house looks great, smells great and I can get back to doing other things that are more fun than housework!

Thank you for visiting and Cleaning Products World.  Please let us know how else we can help to make your home or business sparkle!


Supply Time Product Expert


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