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Electronics & Computers

Electronics & Computers
Electronics & Computers

3M, Dust-Off, Endust, Expo, Innovera, Misty, Quartet, Read Right, and Universal are some of the well known brands available for safe and easy cleaning of your sensitive electronic equipment, dry erase boards and other surfaces.  Clean televisions, smart phones, game stations, computers, laptops, notebooks, keyboards, tablets, monitor screens, and much more with electronic and antistatic cleaners.  Easily remove dry-erase inks, shadows and stains with dry erase surface cleaners.  Remove smudges, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and grease from surfaces like ceramics, fiberglass, laminates, metal, and plastic. 

Electronics & Antistatic Cleaners
You can choose from aerosol sprays, pump sprays, keyboard cleaning kits, tape head cleaning swabs and magnetic head cleaning cards.  When cleaning electronic equipment it is best to use a product specifically designed to clean your particular equipment.  You don’t want to damage or scratch the equipment and screens. 

Many require antistatic properties to be present in the cleaner.  Some of the cleaners contain alcohol and others are alcohol free and oil and wax free.  They leave a streak-free surface. 

The electronic cleaners repel dust and prevent static buildup.  For best results use an appropriate wipe or microfiber cloth to wipe your equipment.  Easily remove smudges, fingerprints, and dust with quality products from Endust, Windex, 3M, Read Right, Bausch & Lomb and Dust-Off’s keyboard cleaning kit. 

Computer Cleaners
Innovera and 3M supply antistatic, nonabrasive microfiber cleaning wipers to safely clean CD/DVD players, computers, monitors and screens.  

Windex has a pre-moistened wipe to clean sensitive electronics.  They will not scratch and quickly dry, streak-free. Endust also has a pre-saturated wipe that is ammonia-free, removing fingerprints, dirt and dust and the antistatic action prevents dust buildup. They are great for computers and other equipment like PDA’s, smart phones, keyboards, CD and DVD players, photo equipment, copiers and fax machines.  

Other quality products are available from Read Right, Endust, Fellowes, and Dust-Off.  Prolong the life of your equipment with the appropriate equipment cleaners.  Be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.  

Dry Erase Board Cleaners
Choose from pump and trigger sprays, aerosols, and liquids in bottles from Universal, Expo, Quartet and Misty. 

Easily clean your dry erase boards and other surfaces such as aluminum, ceramics, enamel, fiberglass, laminates, melamine, PET and steel.  The dry erase cleaners remove dry-erase inks, shadows and stains.  Most feature a non-toxic formula.  

Misty has a foam water based product that clings to vertical surfaces and cleans chalkboards and whiteboards.  It removes chalk, dirt, dry erase inks and dust.  Use dry erase board cleaners to restore your boards and keep them looking clean and professional looking. 

Endust for Electronics
For over 40 years we have been dusting our furniture with Endust now you can use Endust for Electronics to clean all your modern electronic equipment. 

Endust for Electronics, from Norazza, Inc., features wipes, fingerprint erasers, microfiber cloths, pump and aerosol spray cleaners, compressed air dusters and multi-surface antistatic cleaners.  

Safely clean screens, tablets, smart phones, televisions, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, digital picture screens, notebook computers, laptops, gaming systems, keyboards, mice, DVD and Blu-ray players, remote controls, GPS, and much more.  

Some electronics like LCD, plasma and non-glare screens require an ammonia-free and alcohol-free product.  Multi-surface antistatic cleaners can safely clean many electronics at work and at home.  

Personally Speaking
I work on a computer all day so I like my screen clean and free of smudges and dust.  The compressed air dusters are great for cleaning my keyboard.  I am always so careful to use the right product, especially for my LCD flat screen television at home and my laptop.  

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