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Glass, Metal & Wood

Glass, Metal & Wood
Glass, Metal & Wood

Cleaning Products World at carries all the major brands of glass cleaners, and metal, wood and furniture cleaners and polishes. Windex, Boardwalk, Sparkle, Zep, Glass Plus, Hope’s, 3M, Scrubs, Formula 409, Cameo, Simple Green, Brasso, Old English, Endust, Pledge, Murphy Oil Soap and Sheila Shine are just to name a few.  For eco-friendly products look for Green Works and Seventh Generation. For window squeegee items you will recognize brands like Unger, 3M, Stanley and Unisan. 

Glass Cleaners
Glass cleaner formulas are either RTU (ready-to-use), Concentrated (can be diluted in different ratios for various applications), or RTD (ready-to-dispense) a dilution control system.  You will find liquids, foams, wipes, and tablets.  Foam is convenient because it sticks to the vertical surface while liquids drip down quickly. Some contain ammonia and others are ammonia free.  There are more environmentally friendly products that contain vinegar or have a bio-based, naturally derived formula like Green Works and Seventh Generation.  Professional strength glass cleaners are available for industrial or commercial use.  Streak-free glass cleaners like Windex with ammonia, Sparkle and Formula 409 are all high quality products, but be sure to use paper towels that contain no adhesives and additives that can cause streaks and films.   You can choose from trigger spray bottles, aerosols, tablets, refill gallon bottles, bag-in-a-box, and RTD ready to dispense systems.    

Metal Cleaners & Polishes
Be sure to use the correct cleaner and polish for your metal product.  Some are specific to aluminum, copper, brass, pewter, bronze, or stainless steel.  Others may be used on multiple metals, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Use a soft clean lint free cloth or wiper.  Metal cleaners and polishes come in powders, liquids, foams, pre-saturated wipes, creams or pastes. You will find popular brands such as Brasso, Cameo, Hope’s, Sheila Shine, Twinkle, 3M, Scrubs, and much more. 

Windex Products
Harry R. Drackett invented Windex in 1933.  At the time it was almost 100% solvent and was highly flammable so it had to be sold in metal cans.  After World War II modern surfactants were introduced and the product was reformulated.

Today Windex provides glass cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, wipes and sprays for electronics and convenient glass and surface wipes.  Some of the glass cleaners contain ammonia for streak free cleaning and others are ammonia-free with vinegar for streak-free results.  If you desire an antibacterial agent in your cleaner, Windex has this option available also.   You can choose from concentrated formulas or ready-to-use formulas. 

Window Squeegees
Use a window squeegee to clean windows easily and quickly.  There are telescoping poles to help you reach those high areas.  You will also find buckets for you cleaning solutions and acme thread inserts which convert squeegees from tapered sockets to acme sockets.  Unger, 3M, Stanley and Unisan provide the tools you need. 

Wood & Furniture Cleaners & Polishes
Most wood and furniture cleaners and polishes provide protection, clean, shine and condition without leaving a waxy buildup.  Their purpose is to prevent drying and cracking.  They also help resist dust and fingerprints.  Pledge has a product with anti-static agents that help remove dust, dust mites, pet dander and pollen.  Concentrated Murphy Oil Soap is a vegetable oil-based cleaner for mopping wood floors, wiping down paneling, wood cabinets and other wood surfaces.  SC Johnson Paste Wax provides protection and a long lasting luster to wood, metal, sealed leather, plastic, sealed cork and vinyl.  Aerosols, trigger spray bottles, pour bottles and pre-saturated wipes are available. 

Personally Speaking
My favorites are Murphy Oil Soap, Windex, Pledge, Old English and Orange Glo.  I wash my wood floors, wood kitchen cabinets and woodwork with Murphy Oil Soap; the rooms smell so clean after.  I also use Orange Glo floor cleaner, it gives my wood floors a beautiful shine.  I polish my wood dining room set with the liquid Old English; it really protects and leaves a nice glow.  For quick dusting I use Pledge and a soft cloth.  I like the Windex glass cleaner with ammonia for cleaning windows and mirrors. The Windex multi-surface cleaner with vinegar works great for my kitchen countertops and sink. What are your favorites?  I hope you find my research helpful and I would enjoy your comments. 

Have a great day 

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