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Floor Care

Floor Care
Floor Care

Floor Care includes floor cleaners, finishes, sealers, and strippers.  Carpet care products are also found here from concentrated cleaners, pre-spot and stain removers to fabric and carpet deodorizers.  Find brands like Spic and Span, Resolve, 3M, Zep, Misty, Diversey, Motsenbocker’s, Carpet Science, Pak-It, Wd-40, Easy Paks, Renuzit, Arm & Hammer, Febreeze, Swiffer, Mop & Glo, Method, Orange Glo, Clorox, Ajax, Tide, Franklin Cleaning Technology, Floor Science and more.  You can choose from powders, liquids, and foams in concentrated or RTU (ready-to-use) formulas.  For industrial cleaning with floor scrubbers there are many low sudsing, residue-free options. 

Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaners come in pastes, foams, liquids and powders.  Powders clean without soaking your carpet.  Some products offer Scotchguard protection, so carpets stay cleaner longer and Oxy Action for stain removals. There are carpet cleaners that can clean and deodorize and remove pet stains and odors.  Commercial and industrial carpet cleaners are designed to work in carpet extraction machines and are typically low foaming and leave no residues. Misty offers a carpet cleaner defoamer, a water-based foam-suppressing silicone formula for use in steam cleaners, commercial extractors, automatic scrubbers and wet pick-up vacuums. Many carpet cleaners also clean upholstery.  Brands like 3M, Resolve, Zep, Franklin Cleaning Technologies, Misty, Diversy, and Zep offer concentrates and ready-to-use formulas in aerosols, trigger spray bottles, pour bottles and canisters.  

Carpet Stain Removers
Always keep some carpet spot and stain removers handy.  Accidents happen and it is best to treat the spot right away.  Try it in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn’t change the color of your carpet.  It is best to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. Motsenbocker’s Lift-Off removes stains like coffee, tea, chocolate, Kool-Aid, pet stains, soda, wine, sauces, ketchup, blood and grass stains from all surfaces including carpets, clothing and upholstery.  Other brands like 3M, Resolve, Zep, Carpet Science, Pak-It and WD-40 offer a variety of products for every application. 

Fabric & Carpet Deodorizers
Renuzit, Arm & Hammer, Febreeze, WD-40, Zep, Fresh Products, Purex and Big D Industries offer powders, foams and liquids to freshen and deodorize your carpets and others that will neutralize and eliminate odors. 

Floor Cleaners
Whether you are using a mop or a rotary floor machine or auto scrubber you will find many name brand products in concentrated formulas with dilution ratios for various applications or RTU (ready-to-use) formulas.  Auto scrubbers usually require low sudsing formulas.  There are no-rinse options, others are neutral, non-alkaline, and some are all purpose, or multi-surface floor cleaners.  Method offers a non-toxic formula that is environmentally friendly and biodegrades in less than 28 days.  Easy Paks also has a neutralizer conditioner/odor counteractant powder in a premeasured packet that neutralizes alkaline residues and helps eliminate dulling, discoloring, and hazing for a longer lasting brighter finish.  It also conditions the floor for better sealing and neutralizes urine and other malodors.  Just to name a few of the other brand selections you can easily order are 3M, Swiffer, Mop & Glo, Compare, Zep, Orange Glo, Floor Science, Clorox, Ajax, Tide, Spic and Span, Mr. Clean and Pack-It. 

Floor Finishes
Floor finishes are designed for high speed, ultra high speed and low speed maintenance systems for burnishing and spray buffing.  Some are specific for high traffic areas like schools and retail establishments.  They provide a beautiful shine; remove heel marks, scuffs, scratches and ingrained dirt.  Some are manufactured to prevent slips.  Depending on the formula, floor sealers can be used on various floor surfaces such as concrete, vinyl tile, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, Terrazzo, no-wax vinyl floors, but not for unsealed wood floors.  Always go by the manufacturer’s recommendations.  There are home floor finishes you apply with a finish mop or applicator like Mop & Glo.  Franklin Cleaning Technologies’ Interstate 50, Quasar, De-Fense, and Floor Science, Zep and Misty Optimax provide excellent results. 

Floor Sealers
Floor sealers protect your floors and extend the life of flooring.  They can easily be applied with a finish mop.  Floor sealers work as a base coat for floor finishes.  Some provide the gloss of a floor finish.  Others protect your floor from food and drink stains, petroleum and asphalt.  Franklin Cleaning Technologies’ Accolade is burnishable, dries quickly and will not yellow.  Their Green Option has is environmentally friendly and is ideal for low, conventional, or ultra high speed systems.  The Zep stain resistant floor sealer goes on clear and dries in 30 minutes. 

Floor Strippers
Liquid floor strippers remove layers of floor finish quickly and effectively, and with less manual labor.  They are low foaming and penetrate quickly to dissolve hard to remove floor finish build-up.  There are also spray cans that clean and strip areas that are hard to reach with a floor machine.  They are ideal for baseboards, floor edges and corners, and stairways.  Franklin Cleaning Technologies OFFense, Zep, Misty and 3M are products you can count on to get those tough jobs done effectively. 

Spic and Span
Spic and Span all purpose cleaner was invented by two housewives, Elizabeth MacDonald and Naomi Stenglein in Saginaw, Michigan in 1933.  They sold the product in brown envelopes to the local markets. From 1933 to 1944 both families ran their Spin and Span Products Company. In 1945 Procter & Gamble bought Spic and Span for $1.9 million.

Today Spic and Span provides products in liquids, powders, packets, and sprays, in concentrated and ready-to-use formulas.  Whether you are cleaning floors, glass, or other surfaces Spic and Span has a solution to cut through grime and grease, giving you streak-free results.  Spic and Span has floor cleaners with bleach, all purpose cleaners, degreasers and disinfectant cleaners.  The Spic and Span, concentrated, Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner can replace a glass cleaner, an all purpose cleaner and a disinfecting cleaner.  It also dissolve greasy soils and provides streak-free cleaning all in one.  This product saves you time, money and inventory space.  It is also a hospital-grade disinfectant. 

Personally Speaking
I always have a carpet stain remover on hand for those accidents that do happen.  I have a dog so I want to remove pet stains quickly.  Febreeze is one of my favorites to eliminate odors not just mask them.  All purpose cleaners are a favorite; it saves me from purchasing multiple products.  I know you will love shopping on we have a ton of information at your fingertips and ordering is so easy!

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